How secure are your endpoints?

Uncover threats with a security risk assessment


You can’t afford to hit snooze on endpoint security

With just an internet connection and a few credentials, anyone, anywhere can access your corporate SaaS accounts—whether they are authorized to or not. In fact, the biggest risk to enterprise SaaS comes from external threats to user accounts and endpoints, mainly in the form of unauthorized access.

90%of the SaaS breaches are caused by hacking.

50%of these breaches are caused by a takeover of employee SaaS account.

Ring the alarm with a security risk assessment

To help you identify and prevent threats, Sudden Technologies wants to offer you a security risk assessment. Our experts conduct this detailed assessment on site by deploying a Check Point security gateway on your enterprise network to inspect traffic and identify security risks. Using mirrored traffic, there is zero risk to your network or downtime.

Including: an eye-opening threat analysis report

After the on-site assessment, our security expert will generate a comprehensive Security Checkup report identifying weak points in your network and how you can make your organization more secure.


To help make waking up to risk easier…

If eligible, we’ll also gift you a Philips wake-up sunrise simulator alarm clock when you book your assessment.

Your report will include:

Malware infected computers

Access to high risk web applications and websites

Exploited vulnerabilities and attacks on your network

Data leakage incidents

Recommendations to protect your network from these risks


Are you ready to wake up to cloud and SaaS app security risk?

If you think this security risk assessment could be a good fit for your organization, request a discovery call with one of our reps. When you book a discovery call, we will send you a complimentary Philips wake-up sunrise simulator alarm clock to help make waking up to risk easier.

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